Video Game Tester- Assuring Quality Assurances

No specific educational requirements are needed to become a video game tester, but it’s not exactly a walk in the park kind of job. There is a lot of contest for these jobs. A degree will give you an edge over others, as many game testers possess qualifications in computer programming, video graphics, game design, and other relevant areas. Those who have not passed the final semester can also apply for these jobs. The gaming industry is thriving; 75 % of Americans admit there is a gamer in their house. As the industry is growing, the scope and opportunities of a game tester is also rising. A degree in related field will make you stand among other applicants.


First, you must decide if the profession of video game tester suits you or not. Evaluate degrees or credentials to find the best option for your career. Sharpen your skill, profound your knowledge by completing the course in the related field. Build a resume with further qualifications. 

The key task as a professional video game tester is to find the bugs and glitches of a video game. Sometimes they are called Beta Testers or game testers. A more decorative title is QA tester, where QA stands for quality assurance. Whatever the name, whatever the designation, the prime aim of a game tester is to reduce, eliminate the flaws by collaborating with developers before the release of the game. The range of operation is wide, as you are anticipated to find the bugs or glitches of the game.

You are not supposed to play the game, but to crack the game. You need to move to every aspect of the game. While maneuvering all the levels, characters, menus, and options of the game, you try to discover the sunken flaws of the system. As you unfold the game gradually, you may come at a point where the graphic is not functioning properly on a specific character in a specific situation. There could be thousands of flaws you uncover while testing the game. You need to identify it. The programmer needs to rectify it, so the gamers get a seamless, flawless gaming experience.

Summing up

One of the major assignments of a tester is to play the game in as several probable ways one can perceive. Testers may engage in gameplay and actions in such fashion; the programmers have never anticipated it. The job is painstaking, recurring bur essential for the game to be flawless and perfect.