Tips for Buying Video Games for Cheap

The craze for video games does not look like it would recede. On the other hand; it seems to be rising every day. However, gaming is an expensive hobby. You start wanting the latest games which are launched just about every day, but they are often quite expensive as their starting cost is around $60. Moreover, it is after a considerable lapse of time that their prices come down. Still, there are some tips and tricks which can help you get the video comes for cheap. Read on.

Bookmark a few pages

Finding games for cheap is not a game of luck but more of a hunt and pick. There are plenty of sites which you great deals and discount coupons which make the prices of video games less hurtful. The most popular is Amazon Prime. Once you become its member, you get a twenty percent discount on all newly released games which is definitely enticing. Another site is Steam. This site is especially popular. It offers multiple sales throughout the year, which makes it easy for you to get games cheaper. The even send you notifications about upcoming sales. When searching online; you can even pull up several CD keys which can really take off the hurtful edge of the game’s price. These are discount coupons which make the prices lower.Related image

Buy games in bundles

You can also purchase multiple games in a bundle. The cost of a bundle is substantially lower. You and even your fellow gamers can team up together and buy a bundle which not only makes the games cheaper but also allows you to enjoy its various games. A very popular place for the purchase of bundle games is Humble Bundle. It rotates out every few weeks and offers you real cheap games if you keep monitoring the website. Other popular sites are Steam, Fanatical, and Indiegala.

Use browser extensions

Installing browser extensions is also an excellent way to get some real deals. Enhanced Steam Plugin, Honey, Amazon Assistant, Invisible Hand, Ebates, and others are some awesome browser extensions which help you in several ways. They help you compare prices; informs you of any coupon codes if available, lets you know of deals and even offers you cash backs. Thus, you get in a winning position.

Apart from it, you can subscribe to console services like Xbox Live Gold, PlayStation Plus, etc.; game stores and even rental stores are good options to try out. Once you learn the ropes, you can save a big chunk.