Things To Consider Before Choosing A Text Analysis Software

On a daily basis, companies receive both unstructured and structured text from various sources such as surveys, tweets, call center notes, online customer reviews, recorded interactions, emails, feedback forms and what not. These sources provide raw and unfiltered text, which is not easy to understand and manage without using the right text analysis tool.

Text analysis software uses many linguistic and machine learning techniques and allows users to gain insights. In this regard, text analysis suites like the Provalis Research tool are one of the best software solutions to rely on.

There are many things one needs to consider while choosing a text analysis software, though. They are:

  • Actionability: Perfect software will not only classify and structure data but also provides a roadmap for the next action to be taken. The right software will itself make out what’s important and what’s not without wasting any time.
  • Analyze Text In Different Languages: Top software is able to offer text analytics in popular languages such as English, French, and Spanish. Generally, text is in the English language, but when it comes to customized software, some can process more than 60 languages. This feature of language processing makes the software a perfect supplement for the international
  • Convenient For Users: Depending on the user of the software and what level of user compatibility they need, some software can be more technically demanding than others and some may even require you to do some basic coding. It would be impractical to provide full-fledged technical software to the person who has the least technical knowledge; hence, good software must be customizable and cater to the needs of every user.
  • Filter Comparison: Customizable comparison features can be considered a prime value for text analysis software. The software must be independently able to identify the differences between different departments, products, branches, promotional expenses, and profits.
  • Reports And Analytics: What can be better than having software which turns your unstructured heaps of data into structured information in minutes! One of the important features of this software is reports and analytics. Let’s say you have understood the working of the software; do you think this means your co-workers are also familiar with it? This is where visual impacts and easier report generation can be helpful for your people to understand more!

Make sure your text analysis software has all these features if you want to it to help your business to function as smoothly as possible.