The perfect SEO Options and More


SEO is a strategy that has been widely used in the digital environment. If you don’t know much about this practice yet, visit our post that explains how important this strategy is to ensuring a better position for your site. In this text we will talk about a subject related to SEO that will help you get more visits to your site, are called backlinks. You can now buy backlinks in the best ways now,

Backlinks: Why Your Website Needs Them

Backlinks are relevant links within your site that lead the user to other pages. The advantage of using backlinks is the generation of quality traffic to your blog and expanding referral options for those who are accessing your site. Backlinks are divided into internal and external:

Internal Backlinks: These are the links that drive your site visitor to other pages within your own site. This strategy is effective because it increases the user’s time on your site. The more backlinks targeted to your site the more popularity your site will have.

External Backlinks: These are also links that are within your page, but these links take you to another site. Ideally, use links that are reference in the subject to be addressed. This further influences to improve the ranking of your site.

The Importance Of Backlinks To Tracking Your Website

Search engines positively validate sites with relevant backlinks, which bring quality to the search subject. Using backlinks, your page becomes more important than other pages that do not use this same practice.

Types of Backlinks

In addition to internal and external backlinks, they fall into some categories and have certain functions, see below the main types of backlinks:

Link Juice: This type of backlink leads your site visitor to some post within your blog. Inserting it helps improve the authority of your site on the subject being addressed.

Nofollow Links: These are used to block backlinks from comments on your posts to untrusted sites.

Dofollow Links: This is the opposite of Nofollow Links, in this type of backlink you are allowed to post trusted links within your blog.

Root Domain Links: These are the numbers of backlinks that point to your page through a single domain. With that, no matter how many links are related to your page, only one will be counted.

Low Quality Links: These are low quality links to your page such as directory sites, pornographic sites and spam sites. These addresses have little relevance to your site and can hurt your page when it comes to ranking.

Internal Links: These are the internal links, explained earlier, that take your page visitor to other pages within your site.

Anchor Text: This type of backlink is used when you want to gain authority with a particular keyword. It uses a hyperlink to another page that can be internal or external.

And now, how do I use backlinks (link building) on ​​my site?

Once you understand what backlinks are, it’s time to start using this strategy. But where should I start? Here are some tips for you:

Avoid buying backlinks: By buying backlinks that are less relevant than leaving your page vulnerable Google can penalize your site. Try to get backlinks organically.

Work on your image: Making your brand popular can help you partner and become authoritative in your industry. With this, your position in the polls can become higher.