The Coolest Items Made From Recycled Materials

Landfills are a problem. Recycling is one way that you can help with the overabundance of needless waste. The next time you look up recycle my electronics Toronto to see where to take your old computers or phones, ask yourself what happens to all the recycled items. You might be surprised at all of the cool ways innovative people have found to use recycled items.


Plastic that would have ended up in a landfill is now used to make sunglasses. Since 2017, Sunski’s polarized and scratch-resistant sunglasses are produced from recycled plastic in Illinois. What once was destined to be trash is now a fashionable accessory. You can save your eyes and do your part to save the planet, all at the same time.

Bus Shelters

In China, WinSun Construction Technologies has figured out how to create shelters for those waiting on buses using recycled material from demolitions. They build the shelters with a 3-D printer using the recycled gray materials. You can even see the ink marks from the printer if you look closely.


Several clothing companies are making comfortable and stylish clothing from recycled materials. From shirts to sportswear to work clothes, there seems to be no shortage of eco-conscious clothing options available. Check reviews to see what consumers that have already tried them out think of them. If you want to wear clothing with a conscience, check out some of the options available now.


Rothy’s shoes advertise that they make the most comfortable flats from recycled plastic bottles. So far, the company has repurposed over 13 million water bottles that could have ended up in landfills or waterways. The uppers are made from recycled plastic while the soles are made from recycled shoes. It’s a great way to walk the walk about conservation.