GPS tracking service

This service provides the ability to track the status of monitoring objects: vehicles, special equipment, warehouses and other moving or static objects. It allows you to answer which of your employees stayed in one place for a long time and where. Who did not go along the route, or went over the speed limit. Monitor fuel level, battery charge and other sensors.
gps app
Run Application

Running app

A unique application, where virtual money is credited for the steps taken, which can be exchanged for goods and services. Spend on purchasing discounts in gyms, fitness centers, when buying goods for sports and health. Tasks when implementing a running application: GPS tracking, positioning and step counting; High speed of data exchange with the server; The project used Health Kit – API from Apple

Cargo transportation service

This service, which connects the senders of goods and carriers. Simplifies, speeds up and makes more convenient the process of ordering the transportation of goods. With the help of the service, 2.3 million tons of cargo was delivered. The main functions of the application include: Organization of transportation of goods by road. Control over the transportation process. Coordination of transactions. Route navigation. Prompt exchange of information (photocopies of documents, photos).
cargo transport

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