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Embedding a form on a WordPress site is one of the classics of most sites. Whatever its form, it allows to set up a space dedicated to making contact and information for your users. But beyond the simple “contact” form, managing forms on a site can quickly become a real logic for optimizing your lead generation. That’s why choosing your form plugin on WordPress is an important question.

Why use a WordPress form plugin?

WordPress form extensions are present on all sites. But few people use it professionally in a logic of optimization of contact capture. Because beyond the traditional reflections on the fact that your form must have a professional aspect and to limit the spam, it is above all the perfect tool to create a logical interaction according to the routes of your users. The form earns you contacts and the more engaging it will be, the more qualified your leads will be. Now get the things done with the Genesis Framework Coupon Code 2020 discount easily.

Contact form

When we talk about contact form, we necessarily think of the famous contact page found on all sites. But beware, the real purpose of a form plugin goes much further. It is a complete manager of all your forms: contact page, registration form for your newsletter, form of your landing pages. The logic becomes much more complex and the choice of your WordPress form plugin too because you will need a reliable, easily modifiable tool that can handle a large number of forms.

Tunnel conversion

For web marketers who still want to make the transition, it will be important to go to the creation of the conversion tunnel. What are we talking about? A multi-step form that will allow you to acquire more information about a customer. But creating this type of form on WordPress is not always obvious. It is obviously necessary to find the right tool but also to integrate it in logic of optimization of the user experience.

The different versions of forms

Before introducing you to the best WordPress form plugins, it is important to make a small difference between the versions because not all are necessarily accessible to everyone.

Free version: The free version plugins gives you the opportunity to integrate your form directly on your site from WordPress. No need to create an account or buy anything.

Paid or Premium version: Premium or paying forms request to go through the credit card box to access all or part of your plugin.

Theme Form: More complex, some WordPress forms are integrated into a theme and do not have their own existence as a plugin. You will need to install the theme to work with the tool.