Perfect Linkbuilding with the Purchase Options Now

It’s no longer a secret for you, Google takes into account the incoming links of a page to define its notoriety and thus define the place that the page must occupy in its results on this or that keyword. Since the last updates of Google’s algorithm, it is necessary to follow several good practices to define that an incoming link is of quality. As a reminder (in case) a quality link is composed of a link (destination URL) as well as an anchor that is to say the expression on which the link is positioned. You can now buy links and get the best results out of the lot now. Be sure that you will find the best choices now. The right choices are there and you can find the essential supports for the same.

A link that is in do-follow

The first element of a quality incoming link is the fact that the link is in do-follow which means that Google’s robots will take into account the anchor on which the link is positioned. Thus, Google will associate the link (and therefore the page of your site) to an expression. Thus, Google will consider that this page is relevant to the given expression.

Attention, this technique is known from all references for several years, Google has updated its algorithm and now sanctions sites that have too frequent anchors. Indeed, Google now considers that authors of content cannot all put the same anchor (because every human thought and writing differently).

If you are therefore required to have several links (from several sites) to the same page of your site, think to vary the anchors so that it seems as natural as possible for Google’s robots.

  • For example, “washing machine”, “washing machine”, “washing machine”.

Moreover, the more your link is positioned on a site called authority (thematic site with significant seniority and regular new content, plus your link will have weight.

A link that is in thematic content

The second to consider for a quality backlink is the content in which your link is positioned. Indeed, Google now scans the content in which the link is positioned and ensures that the link is consistent with the theme to which it points. This avoids certain borderline practices by SEOs who created blogs from scratch and wrote any content to position links.

2nd element: a contextualized link in a content of the theme of the link

The third element to take into account for the quality of your link is the fact that the link is positioned in thematic content that is more than 300 words long.

Again, Google has this condition to avoid false articles, always in order to be as accurate as possible.