PDF separator – how it works

If you want to separate a PDF file into individual pages, you have several options. In this practical tip we will show you the easiest way to separate the file.

  • Separate PDF into individual pages

Neither the Windows nor MacOS on-board tools allow you to split a PDF document into its individual pages at once. Here you need online tool such as AnyPDF, which runs on all systems.

  1. Go to Split PDF page on any-pdf.com
  2. In the main window click on “Add” and select the PDF file to be divided.
  3. Then check the box next to “Split into individual pages”.
  4. Click “Break apart PDF files!” and select the storage location of the individual files. Then “AnyPDF” divides your document.
  5. Your PDF file will be split and saved in the selected location in individual documents.
  • Extract pages and split the document

If you do not want to create a new file for each page of a PDF document, you can also extract individual pages. You don’t even need extra software for this.

  1. Open the desired PDF file in your PDF viewer as usual.
  2. Then press the key combination [Windows] + [P] under Windows and the shortcut [Command] + [P] under MacOS.
  3. In the print window, Windows users select “Microsoft Print to PDF” as the printer and Mac users “PDF”.
  4. Now enter the desired page in the “Pages” section and click on “Print”. If you enter a page range here, for example pages 1-3, you can divide your PDF into several documents one after the other.
  5. Find the desired storage location for the individual pages and save the file with “OK”.