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In the world of business, CRM or Customer Relationship Management is at the very top of the list in terms of maintaining a profitable business.  One of the biggest imperatives of a quality marketing department is the implementation of a good microsoft dynamics crm partner.  A good partner can alleviate the pressure off of the marketing department and deliver quality results.  The partner can also help retain and build new contacts and sales avenues for your business.

Any microsoft dynamics crm partner worth their salt will have their hands in different services being offered to their clients.  Data integration is one such service to help sort and combine data from different sources and streamline them into a unified view for all users.  Some other services that would be offered would be:  data planning and analysis, migration from premises to online, upgrades, data migration, data importation, custom developments, project management, project planning, proof of concept, rapid and fixed cost implementation, evaluation assistance, requirements analysis, implementation, configuration / customization, and ongoing training and support.

A good partner should have many years of experience with Dynamics CRM / 365.  This experience will shine in their service to you and your client base.  Partners should also have certifications with Microsoft, these certifications will let you know that the partner company is the real deal and knows their stuff well.  With the advent of cloud services in the last few years, Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Solutions certification will definitely showcase the company’s expertise in cloud-based models and services.

The Dynamics 365 platform covers a variety of different departments that are housed under its umbrella of services.  There are seven of these departments that are represented:  field service, customer service, project service, finance, operations, marketing, and sales.  Field Service deals with managing site services, visual marketing aids, etc.  Customer Service deals with direct customer service and retention of your clients as well as acquiring new ones.  Project Service covers accounts receivable with on-time deliveries, and controlling costs.  Finance covers the financial sector of the business and keeping numbers in the black.  Operations covers the day-to-day running of the business.  Marketing covers leads and marketing departments to garner more business.  Sales deals with the relationships between customers and the company to improve revenue and positive customer experiences.

The “holy grail” of Microsoft partners is the much-coveted Microsoft Managed Partner certification, there are only 125 of these in the United States.  If your company is a Microsoft Managed Partner, you know that you’re dealing with the very best in quality and service.  Seek one of these MMP’s when you’re looking for a partner in CRM, you will help your business in the long run.