MLtek – ArchiverFS and DFS Compatibility

MLtek is known to provide for ultimate solutions for various IT problems faced by many companies at various levels. It provides for the much needed support and assistance for various issues and problems that one gets to face in the IT arena with absolute ease. It is known to specialize towards creating software that solves great big problems in a much simple way. It has introduced various interesting range of products so far and this include that of ArchiverFS which happens to be quite popular when compared to other products. It comes with quite a simple and interesting interface with good backing to go along with. It focuses mainly on its feature of offering best and reliable archiving solutions and does not involve in offering any pseudo document management system. Suffice to say, it has become the most trusted for the job by IT experts who work tirelessly to establish software and hardware compatibility. This review according to the norms of Specialist IT Recruitment agencies worldwide.


First released in the year 2002, the software ArchiverFS is now widely used in a huge range of organizations worldwide that are quite popular and prominent. It comes across as a unique one amongst file archiving solutions for that of network file storage and Windows file servers, SMB shares and others. When compared to others, the archiving solution just uses normal NTFS files and folders from the start to the finish

The best and most interesting thing about the MLtek ArchiverFS software is that it offers for the best and most reliable kind of archiving solution for one and all. It focuses just on the main service and does not act as any type of document management system. It ensures to provide good service in archiving which is to keep old and out of date unstructured files in a perfect and reliable manner. It provides for excellent and reliable solutions overall.

DFS support

It needs to be understood that ArchiverFS is 100% compatible with all the possible versions of DFS. ArchiverFS works on the file level and does not make use of any client side software or other kinds of low level file system drives which make it best and trustworthy of the lot. It does not bring in unnecessary files, operations and other software into play and works perfectly well in every way possible. It is also known to integrate seamlessly with all other Windows features which also include that of DFS. It is best compatible with Windows and uses only its native functionality.

Live system targeting

When it comes to ArchiverFS, everything is based upon UNC paths. You need to know how ArchiverFS works using UNC path when setting up archiving jobs to target a DFS share. It needs to be understood that the live locations are added to a job through their UNC path and also archive destinations are added to a job through UNC paths. When shortcuts of any kind are created, they go on to point migrated files through the UNC path.

ArchiverFS should be used on DFS support based file system through that of the domain based path and not the local server based path. In case, one use a local server path in a DFS setup with the support of multiple real servers that supports a domain based DFS root, then the files will be recorded while migrating as having been moved from the definite single server and not that of the DFS root path. This would lead to a lot of unwanted actions and behaviors.

Replication of files

In case you are someone who is making use of multi-server DFS based file system then you should be using the replication aspect. In such case, you would be servicing more than a single geographical location with that of the actual infrastructure.

Depending greatly on the settings that you have selected, when you run the first job, one may end up archiving a major portion of the file system. In such case, one should know that DFS may have the data to replicate. There are some recommendations that are made when running the first archive job on that of a DFS based file system and here are they,

  • The maintenance job should be disabled
  • The first job should be run
  • Look out for DFS replication queues
  • Once the whole setup is cleared, proper maintenance job needs to be carried out.

Destination based on a DFS

In case of multiple geographic locations to service and access is provided to that of single DFS root then it is replicated to all other locations as well. In such case, one needs to consider archiving to a DFS root and replication to all of the sites.

It needs to be understood that this would greatly require that of second level or line of storage which needs to be available at all locations. In such case, it means that the users can access migrated files through that of stubs and links their request that is served through that of the local network and not over that of the WAN. Based upon the speed of the WAN connection and also the size of the file involved, this can very well speed up the process of retrieval to a great extent.

DFS and ArchiverFS compatibility comes across as a huge kind of benefits as it is known to simplify a lot of processes and procedures and makes the whole process a lot more interesting to handle on the whole. ArchiverFS happens to be the best and finest range of software that is widely used by many businesses across the world. It is definitely one of the best platforms with good backing and also offers for a more simplified form of support and service for one and all.

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