How to optimise a Website to rank for ‘People Also Ask’ box?

It is undeniable that the SERPs have changed considerably in the last few years. And the increasing variety of Google’s search result pages comes with a bunch of advantages. Among all, the bright side is, now there are many other ways to gain additional exposure in search.

The search engine result pages are now filled with featured snippets and local packs. Google also expanded its responses to queries and included an answer box called “People Also Ask.” Being featured as an answer to ‘People Also Ask’ questions is an excellent opportunity to catch your target audience’s interest and to get ahead of the competitors. PAA has really taken over the SEO world!

So, what is Google’s ‘People Also Ask’?

PPA boxes are a dynamic feature in the search engine result page. It contains a set of questions related to a search query on Google. You would have probably seen one of these in search results!

When you click on a question, the box expands to reveal a text snippet with an answer to the query. It also displays the URL for the answer and a shortcut link to perform a new Google search for that question.

Perhaps one of PPA’s interesting features is that, initially, the box contains a set of four questions, but when you click on one of the questions, Google adds some additional questions to the PAA box. Thus PAA boxes are ever-expanding, with new queries being added infinitely to the box.

What if my webpage already ranks at the top of Google search?

Google’s algorithm treats organic search listings differently from the listings inside the PAA boxes. Hence even if your site is already at the top of Google search results, it can still rank in the PAA box for a related query. Furthermore, acquiring two spots on Google for a search query is guaranteed to drive more traffic to your website. That’s why experts at SEO in Sydney advise businesses to focus on PPA as part of their SEO campaign.

Let’s now see how to optimise a website to rank for ‘People Also Ask’ questions.

Target the Right Questions:

To rank for Google’s ‘People Also Ask’ box, you should provide high-quality contents that answer users’ queries. If Google’s algorithm believes that there is the finest answer to a query on one of your web pages, your page will be displayed in the ‘People Also Ask’ box for that particular question. Start by researching the topic thoroughly and ensure you’re answering all the key questions people have about your product or service.

Create quality Contents to answer those Questions:

For each question, you have listed, provide an answer that is,+

  • Correct
  • Easy to understand
  • Free from sales pitches
  • Unique
  • High quality
  • Short but complete
  • Relevant to your company

Build your Website’s Authority:

The level of authority of your website will influence its chances of appearing in PAA boxes. To build authority, continue creating high-quality contents. This won’t happen overnight, but if you make consistent efforts and publish superior content, you’ll attract high-quality backlinks. This will change Google’s perspective on your website, thereby increasing your chance of ranking in the PAA boxes.

You don’t have to do this alone. There are SEO experts in Sydney to help you through your SEO efforts.