How to draft and publish captivating stories on Instagram?

In recent times, one of the fastest-growing social networks is indeed Instagram: confirmed by the 2018-2019 data. There are over 800 million active users in 2019-2020. Not only for personal use, but also for professional use: Instagram Stories is undoubtedly the most significant feature which allows us to post videos and images. Users can, therefore, comment on the photos shared within the section dedicated to stories.

How do Instagram Stories work?

It is now known that social networks have drastically changed the way you see and see the world. Everything is now at your fingertips: having information has never been easier. It is not difficult to publish Instagram Stories. The function is integrated into the Instagram account in a horizontal row, which shows the Stories published by your contacts and allows you to post multimedia content.

Of all the social networks, Instagram is undoubtedly the most “artistic.” It is primarily based on sharing photos and videos. Since August 2016, a new feature has been introduced on Instagram. A feature that immediately won the hearts of all users of this app. We are talking about Instagram Stories. They are videos or images that can be viewed for 24 hours, and that will allow you to share with your followers, special moments, or small experiences lived every day.

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Instagram stories: how to make them captivating

In a world where likes now count more than real appreciation, Instagram stories are becoming increasingly important. Let’s see what to do to make these life pills more attractive and captivating. Just follow some simple tricks to create unique stories that your followers will love. It is always better to hire a social media marketing expert to do Instagram management. Ready to become real Instagram experts?

Color-block –

It’s a quick and easy way to give your IG story the color you like best. Using the color-block mode is very simple. After taking a photo, click on the marker icon that you will find at the top right. Slide the image very slowly from top to bottom, and immediately the screen will fill with the color of your choice. But be careful: be careful not to lift your finger.

Finding the right light –

Every self-respecting fashion blogger teaches us that the success of a photo or video depends mainly on the light. The right light will, therefore, give that extra touch to your shots. However, if you find yourself in a dimly lit place, Instagram comes to your aid. Just click on the moon icon, located at the bottom left of the screen, to increase the brightness of the image.

Video-rewind –

It is one of the new IG stories camera functions that will allow you to shoot videos which will then be played backward.

Facial filters –

Never again, trivial photos. Thanks to this charming function, you can transform pictures taken with friends or your selfies into funny and always different shots. Click the smiley face icon and prepare to become a koala in a cute bunny or an ice queen.

Block text, emoji, and GIFs –

It’s a trick that will give a unique look to the videos of your stories. You can place a phrase, an emoji, or a GIF at the moment of the video you prefer. Here are the steps to follow: after shooting the video, select and add the creative elements.

Hold down the creative element and scroll the video until the moment you have decided to place your emoticon or your writing. Once you have chosen the exact point, click on add.

Not just IG stories –

That’s right, not just Instagram. For unique and unforgettable shots, there is another object that is depopulating among the very young and not only. Polaroid: vintage object par excellence, this fantastic camera will give you fantastic instant photos with a unique style. Besides, Instagram has recently added the possibility to give your photos the typical effect of the photo taken with the Polaroid.

These are just some of the most effective tricks to make your stories more exciting and “viewable.” Try them all, and you will see that the result will drive you crazy.

Conclusion: know the audience before publishing charming stories

For a lovely and captivating Instagram story to be a success, you need to know your audience level.  Typically, using a customer list as the target audience offers better results than using existing leads from previous marketing initiatives, which include people who have not yet generated any value for the business. People who have purchased or shown interest have much more target characteristics on which Instagram can operate with high effectiveness. The campaign will be more successful if the customer base is large enough. Consult with professional social media marketing to better understand your client base. As with Instagram stories, expert Social Media Specialists recommend using an audience of at least 1,000 users for best results.