How to Clear Garbage from Your WordPress Site?

When you first build your WordPress site, it will be truly lightweight. Within days you’ll probably add a lot of files and data. Your sites grow over time and you have added new contents, media files, users, testing new themes and plugins and more.

You can test new themes and plugins as per your needs on your website but of course, they can make your site a bit junky or garbage.

If you are a WordPress Developer and you are testing a lot of themes and plugins on your website and a periodical basic clean-up tasks won’t work for you. All you need is a complete cleanup. It shouldn’t take you very long because time is really precious for developers. What you can do in this situation?  You should find a simple way to clear garbage from your WordPress site means a complete reset of your website.

Clear Garbage from your WordPress Site

Resetting a WordPress site is basically uninstalling existing settings and reinstalling the first defaults. This is conceivable to do by erasing everything and beginning once again. Nonetheless, you may wind up in a circumstance where you have to do a partial reset.

A partial reset means it should delete all posts, pages, custom post types, comments, media entries, users but it shouldn’t touch your plugins, themes, site title, website address, site language and search engine visibility settings. It is a garbage cleaning but it should be a partial reset. This is only possible with WordPress Reset plugins like WP Reset.

Notable Features of WP Reset

WP Reset is really easy to use. You just want to install the plugin and move the plugin settings page and follow the steps to reset your Website. Before jumping into the process you should know some of the notable features of WP Reset.

It is Free – The Plugin is absolutely free to use and you can download the Plugin from the official website or from the WordPress directory.

One-Click reset Option – One-click reset option makes the plugin standalone. Whenever you need a fresh WordPress installation just click “reset”.

Post-Reset Setup – You won’t need to manually set options or reactivate plugins & themes. WP Reset provided the option to reactivate current theme, reactivate WP Reset Plugin and reactivate all currently active Plugins.

Hope this post helps you to Clear Garbage from your WordPress Site. We always recommend a complete backup before proceeding cleaning your website.