How to Choose the Best Standing Desk for You

You have probably read a lot about the negative effects of prolonged sitting on your health. That is why you want to secure yourself a standing desk. Standing desks vary in styles, functionality, adjustability and choosing the right one will depend on your needs and preferences. Here is a guide to help you pick the right desk for your specific situation:

Consider Adjustability

Are you looking to invest in a desk that adjusts to both standing and sitting positions? Ideally, even should sit and stand during the day. After sitting for thirty minutes, it’s important to stand for also thirty minutes. But, switching from sitting to standing without going somewhere else is not possible if you use a fixed-height desk.

If you want a desk that is easy to adjust up and down, choose an electric standing desk. This desk can move plenty of weight on the desktop. A standing desk with manual adjustment tends to move more quickly which makes you better inclined to change your position whenever you want. Pick a desk design that does not include plenty of cranks, locks, or buttons that can slow you down.

Think about the Feel and Look

If you do not want to purchase a full standing workstation, or rearrange your space completely, choose an attachment which goes on top of an existing desk. Think about an adjustable add-on unit to ensure you can move it from desk to desk or even office to office.

It is also important to consider the size of the desk you want. If you want a desk that spreads out when you work, choose the right desk size that suits this requirement. Moreover, the type of environment you work in also matters when choosing a standing desk. If you tend to work in an office, you want a desk with a sleek, professional look that complements the decor. But, if you work in an industrial or laboratory environment, you need a more rugged desk that can hold more weight. In case your work environment moves around often, invest in a desk that has casters so you can move quickly and painlessly.

Think about the Cost

Just like other purchases, the cost is an important factor to consider. Some standing desks are cheaper than others; however, avoid picking the low-cost option. Keep in mind that a standing desk is an investment to your health and wellbeing. Think about the level of quality you want and how long you want the desk to last. A product warranty and a service package are also nice to have in your purchase.