How Can You Keep Hard Drive Information Secure?

Computers have revolutionized almost everything we do, from conducting business to managing households. Information availability and connectivity have changed our lives! But along with this unprecedented ability to gather, organize, and store data came security risks. That stored information potentially lives forever! Every transaction, every keystroke ever made on your company or individual computer represents a possible security breach for the unscrupulous. So what do you do with information stored on your hard drive when it’s time to upgrade?

Physical Destruction Problems

At one time, the only way to make absolutely sure your information remained secure was to physically destroy the hard drive of outdated computers. But physical destruction carries with it many problems. How can you make sure the chain of custody is secure? Allowing other individuals to destroy your information leaves you or your organization vulnerable to these same individuals. High environmental impact is a negative factor. The cost of physical destruction is high. What about a secure audit trail? And logistical efficiency? All of these factors combine to make physical destruction an inferior method to protect security. Some early methods of removing, or erasing, all information from the hard drive, weren’t completely secure. Sophisticated information retrieval methods were able to defeat many hard drive wipers. Despite its many drawbacks, physical destruction seemed the only surefire way to guarantee hard drive security.

Finally, A Disk Wiping Software Solution

But, finally, effective and secure data erasure software to cleanse the hard drive of all information was developed. This software permits individuals, government agencies, and corporations to retire and/or recycle computers by erasing all information from the hard drive. This information removal method became the most highly certified in history. It meets or exceeds HIPAA Certification standards to protect health information. It meets or exceeds NATO NIAPC standards for NATO nations. It meets the stringent ADISA Certification requirements, which test overwritten storage for information residue. All data is permanently destroyed. It’s the only data destruction software certified to meet the coveted NIAP EAL 2+ Standard. This finest of security innovations meets every legitimate Certification Standard, including those of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, the National Security Agency, and the Department of State. It is also utilized by an impressive number of Fortune 500 and other companies.

From National Governments to Individual Protection

Along with a large percentage of the most prestigious corporations in the world, many national government entities now utilize disk wiping software to protect all vital information. This software makes available to you the same protection the Department of Defense utilizes to maintain national security. From the largest of corporations and national governments, to small businesses and individuals, this software protects valuable information without the cost and audit trail nightmare of physical destruction. To learn more about securing your information with the finest disk wiping software in the world, simply visit here.