Dell Computer Servicers and the Dealer QuickServ in Thailand

QuickServ is an authorized dealer for Dell products in Thailand. They promote the Dell PowerEdge R340, which increases performance, and scale as well as simplify IT with this 1U rack entry-level server that has been planned for businesses with branch as well as remote offices.

Server computer product line

The Dell PowerEdge R340 is the computer server line for Dell. Most of the PowerEdge servers are using the x86 architecture. The exceptions to this earlier when the PowerEdge 7150, PowerEdge 7250, and PowerEdge 3250 used Itanium processor by Intel, but Dell abandoned this in 2005 after problems finding adoption in the marketplace. The cooperation between Dell and Intel stayed close, and Intel stayed the high-class source of processors in Dell servers until 2006. In May 2006 Dell made the announcement that it also planned to develop servers that use the processors of AMD Opteron. The first PowerEdge systems Opteron-based, the PowerEdge 6950 and the PowerEdge SC1435, showed up 2006 in October. It scales IT on your own terms.

Flexibility delivers

The R340 delivers the flexibility to increase computer, memory and storage capacity – such as:

  • Increase computer performance as well as the capacity to run several applications at the exact time, by choosing either 4 or 6-core “Intel Xeon E-2100” processor;
  • Attach growth of data up to 8 internal 2.5 inches hot plug HDDs or 4 3.5-inch hot plug HDDS;
  • Discourse data sets with up to 4 DDR4 DIMMs with a max of 64GB of ram.

Started on the IT Solution route, due to the intention of the founder who wanted to provide it services to help domestic SME businesses to compete with Company/Organization medium and large. In the beginning Siam Smart had established Limited Partnership came up in 2005 by providing Web Hosting, Co-location, dedicated server services, which results in performance according to the target.

In 2007

It was until the year 2007, Quick Surf Pro Co., Ltd was born with the goal to support more work up to the present, for over 7 years, and they have accumulated experience as well as expertise in specific fields whether it is a server, an expansion device, data storage Network, network equipment, including internal Data Center work. It is proven that their older customers up to 95% will continue to choose to use the services with Quick Surf Pro.