An Introduction to Backend Development Services: The Unsung Heroes of the Web

Understanding the Basics of Backend Development Before diving into the specifics of backend development services, it’s important to understand the basics. Backend development refers to server-side development. This is where all the main functionalities of a web application are implemented. It’s the part of the web that you can’t see, but it’s there, making everything […]

From Humble Buttons to Majestic Databases: The Untold Comedy of Back-End Development!

“The Humble Button: A Punchline in the Making” In the world of web development, buttons might seem like the quintessential prop comic: they’re simple, they’re straightforward, and they’re taken for granted. But don’t let their modest exterior fool you! Each time a button is pressed on a web page, it sets off a chain reaction […]

A Startup for the development and production of the Internet of Things

In this article, we will review sensors that can show the load of electricity and detail it down to a burnt out light bulb. The idea was born out of marital disagreements, and now they want to buy our sensors in other countries of the world. Moreover, we did not stop there, and now we […]

Internet of Things in retail

Forecast of the IoT market, where to implement, advantages, practice, technological solutions. The implementation of the Internet of Things has 3 advantages for retail and traditional trade. It is time for business to invest in the development of the IoT concept. Short reviewGlobally, the Internet of Things in the retail market is estimated at $35.63 […]

Internet of Things (IoT): major trends and their success stories

The Internet of Things (IoT) provides data transfer between devices, connects them into one computer network and allows gadgets to work autonomously without human intervention. Analysis of the IoT market opportunities allows you to identify the main trends in its development Protecting IoT technologies from cyber attacks IoT devices collect a huge amount of information […]

Tips for juniors from a senior IoT developer

How is the developer level determined? There is already a lot of information on the Internet about the classification of developers by levels, but the clear requirements of the IT environment for juniors, middles and seniors have not been formulated. Large companies like ask questions about algorithms, architecture and other topics. So if you are […]

Review of hardware for IoT development

WeMos D1 mini Appearance Energy supply 5 V Connecting peripherals 11 digital inputs/outputs 1 analog input Power outputs 3.3 V and 5 V. Pinout Connecting to IoT 1) Select the board: Tools (Tools) -> Board (Board) Wemos D1 R1 (or Generic ESP8266 Module). 2) Paste the prepared code. 3) Set the data for the Wi-Fi […]

Overview of IoT modules

Overview of IoT modules  For normal operation of the module (not for the firmware mode), the GPIO pin 0 must be free, so we disconnect it from GND. Reconnect the ESP-01 power supply (for example, pull out and insert the adapter back). We see the appearance of data on the platform. average price ~ 3 […]

Overview of ESP for Internet of Things Development

Hello colleagues and enthusiasts! For the last couple of years, I have been doing almost all the prototyping of simple IoT devices on the NodeMCU, although it is often large in size, expensive, and redundant in functionality. And all because I had a bad experience with the ESP-01, which did not lend itself to firmware […]