Jungling Items in League of Legends

If you really want to promote your Elo in League then you need to learn the theory and only then go practice. The theory is quite simple, I would not teach you some tricks or features of each jungle champion. MobaFire has a great guide page on each champion where you could find even Malzahar jungler guide.

The core of every jungler is his starting item build. There are only 2 incredibly major jungling items, but you could buy only one. So you need to clearly see in which situation you need Skirmisher’s Sabre and in which – Stalker’s Blade. It is quite easy, but you need to automatically feel this! So read this article with all the attention you have!

Always remember that this choice could make or completely break your match if you will not have the correct version of the Smite you need. Always keep in mind that these artifacts are upgradable, and the final upgrade will depend on a champion you have picked.

These upgrades will not change from game to game. I mean that if you playing as Tank, you’ll always end with the Cinderhulk. The full table of upgrades and type of champions you could see here:

  • AP Mage – Runic Echos;
  • Assassin – Warrior;
  • ADC – Bloodrazor;
  • Tank – Cinderhulk.

Both these items have the same passive that increases your lifesteal and damage against jungle minions or monsters. Remember that jungler in the current meta is the most impactful role in the game, so if you want to start your career as a booster at elo-boosters.com, then you need to learn this role. Additional mana regen is incredibly important stat too and never forget about Monster Hunter. Monster Hunter is a little jungler’s buff that increases your XP gain for slaying Large monster.

Skirmisher’s Sabre | Duelists weapon

Skirmisher’s Sabre is a jungler item that could be used on champions. It marking them for 4 seconds and while opponent marked your auto attack deals bonus true damage over time and decreasing all damage they deal to you by 20%.

Skirmisher's Sabre

This is making this saber into the ideal weapon for skirmishing champions, those who are always looking for a fair fight. It will give them additional damage to slay the target they selected and great survivability in the 1-vs-1 duels. The greatest choice for snowballing champions, like Lee Sin, Sejuani or Rengar.

Stalker’s Blade | Great for escaping

Stalker’s Blade does not provide any bonus damage to the enemy champions and is a poor choice for 1-vs-1 duels, but if you are going to chase enemies and gank quite a lot then it is very good. It stealing 20% of target movement speed, giving you more possibilities to reach the target and gain additional crowd control effect to it.

Stalker's Blade

A great choice for all ganking junglers that do not love 1-vs-1 duels, like Gragas, Amumu or Rek’Sai.