Client-server architecture of the Internet of Things

Payload format indicator and content typeThe payload format indicator is set when the message is published (see the Payload Format Indicator property) as one of two options: binary – the same as in v3.1,UTF-8 string is new in v5.The function is useful for the receiver to know if it needs to decode the message payload. […]

Communication Protocols for the Internet of Things

Hello to all lovers of IoT and hardware! In this article, I will talk about perhaps the most popular data transfer protocol used in the Internet of Things – MQTT. And more specifically, about MQTT Version 5.0 (version published on March 7, 2019). And more specifically, about the pleasant innovations of version 5.0 compared to […]

IoT Real use case examples

Case №3 – ACS The most complex example of using IoT in our office is working with an access control and management system. ACS is an electronic module designed to control access to premises, record time of passage and events. The controller processes information coming from a reader with a Wiegand output interface and, using […]

Access control systems in IoT

Today we will talk about the access control system (ACS), which, being connected to the Rightech IoT Cloud Internet of Things platform (hereinafter referred to as the platform), is the basic element in the system for counting the number of people in the office. How it all startedThe task of providing control over entry and […]

Features of working with IoT controller

The next feature of working with the controller is that in one reading cycle you can get only 12 events, 8 bytes each. And for each passage of a person into the office, two events are already generated: 1) a key is found in the key bank (the key bank is another block in the […]

Examples of IoT development

IoT Case #1 – Agile-gong Today we all know what the Internet of Things is and why it is needed. But how many of us are familiar with cloud platforms, which represent one of the most significant layers in the IoT? Let’s figure it out. It is no secret that the heterogeneity of protocols significantly […]

5 Devices to Get Started in Internet of Things Development

Teensy 4.1This 32-bit ARM Cortex M7 is one of the fastest microcontrollers available, with clock speeds up to 600MHz and 8MB Flash + 1MB RAM. It has 40 GPIOs (18 analog inputs), comes with support for I2C, SPI, UART and CAN protocols. It does not have WiFi or BLE connectivity, but this can be compensated […]

10 Boards to Start IoT Development in 2021

There are plenty of good options to get started. The Internet of Things, or IoT, is already a reality. You are probably using one (or more) IoT devices right now, or at least taking advantage of one. And this market is only going to grow. Generally speaking, the Internet of Things is a network of […]

What is IoT and what you should know about it

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a set of physical objects connected to the Internet and exchanging data. The concept of IoT can significantly improve many areas of our lives and help us create a more convenient, smart and secure world. Examples of the Internet of Things range from wearables such as smartwatches to smart […]

IoT developer: what do you need to start in the profession?

We tell you what tasks you need to be able to solve and why now is the time to move to this specialty. There is a widespread opinion that you can connect a device to a mobile application and this is a full-fledged IoT, on which you can build some large projects. What really needs […]