All The Services with the CRM System for You Now

“As a company, it’s important to be able to say ‘okay, this is what we want to do can you do it and how?’ To the existing suppliers. Alternatives will slowly fall away and you will be left with the supplier that best meets your requirements. The use of the free crm software comes useful there.

Focus less on IT and more on sense

Okay, a must is to know the intent of a shift, but something that your business shouldn’t actually focus too much on is IT.

“How well the CRM system works depends on those who use it often customer support, sales and marketing. Switching is not just an IT project, it’s about the specific people from the relevant departments; firstly, you need to know what needs the new system can cover, and secondly, you need to communicate and create commitment throughout the company. Now what is a crm tool  for you now.

  • Less focus on technology also applies to supplier selection, here confidence is the key word.
  • “It is difficult to change the CRM system to a supplier that you cannot identify with and feel neglected by. So, qualify suppliers based on your company’s sense of them.

Communicate, be pragmatic and always think “why”?

Also during the actual shift, it is uniquely important to communicate with different departments and to reach out to the employees. The expert advises that you have a communication plan ready throughout the project so that everyone is constantly informed about what is happening, what needs to be done and when the change is going through. And stay focused on “why”:

Make sure that the decisions your company makes while building the new solution are linked to why you are changing. Give feedback on goals and intent it is your needs that will guide the choices you make as the project progresses. For faculty information management  this is a very important factor.

But at the same time be open to the fact that the project may change

When you start a project, you have a need that you want to fill. When you get started, it may turn out that the situation really looks quite different and that there are several / other needs that need to be met. So be pragmatic and not afraid to think about it during the project.

Clean out and eat the elephant in small chunks

Basically, there are two ways to change CRM system. Either you start all over again and archive the old information, or you transfer from the old to the new system. The latter is the most common, especially for large companies, but in order not to draw unnecessary information into the new system, the old information must be critically reviewed.

You can access the sorting of data differently, but if you have millions of records in your system, it is impossible to review it manually, here you need a tool or an external partner. It can for example. Be done with the company and contact information.


The complexity of the transfer itself will depend on how your company can extract or access information from the current system. Roughly, information is extracted in the form of a file (it varies completely by the type of file in question) and then imported into the new system in two steps: It is first done through a test port to see if everything works. If so, the system change is carried out where all information is transferred to the new system and the old system is shut down.