What all is there in dedicated server hosting?

A dedicated server hosting, managed dedicated server hosting, or virtual private server hosting is a kind of Internet hosting where the customer leases an entire computer system not sharing another one. This kind of hosting is used by big companies and web hosting firms for businesses and e-commerce websites which require a large amount of storage space and bandwidth.

These systems have their own dedicated software and hardware that are based on the operating system and can run various software applications. The customer of such hosting services can expect a fast and reliable performance from these servers, because they are designed and developed by professional IT professionals. Such dedicated server hosting providers also provide round-the-clock technical support for their customers.

What do you mean by a dedicated server?

A dedicated server means that the customer has the complete ownership and control over the system including the application installation and functionality. The entire system and its resources are completely dedicated to the needs of the user. For example, a dedicated server means that a certain amount of RAM must be installed in the machine and that the entire operating system can be down in case of any outage.

However, many companies offer this kind of hosting service so as to cut costs and increase revenues. In some cases, the provider might assign the control over certain features like controlling the operating system and software application to the clients while in some other cases the provider simply allows the clients to monitor their own servers.

In a cloud computing environment, a dedicated hosting service does not give any user access to the data or system. However, the customers are allowed to make use of certain applications like email, files, databases and other resources but are not given access to the system itself.

Cloud computing provides the users with high levels of functionality and the ability to make changes to the servers without having any impact on the server or application software. This kind of hosting is based on an application called the cloud computing management platform (CMS) which provides control panels for controlling the servers.

The control panels are made accessible by any web hosting provider. It includes the provision of the required resources like bandwidth, storage and processing power and the ability to update the existing website or create a new website.

Dedicated server hosting environment can be categorized into two types – one is called virtual private servers (VPS) and the other one is called dedicated server hosting environment. VPSs are the type most often used by business enterprises as they provide complete security and isolation from other users. A single physical server is connected to several VPSs through a hypervisor that provides root access. On the other hand, it comes with its own benefits.

As compared to the VPS, dedicated hosting providers offer the higher level of reliability and performance. They also offer complete control over the servers through the provisioning process. Some of the providers also offer domain registration and Internet marketing services to their clients. These providers are highly reliable and cost-effective as well.

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