Use Tradeshow Internet like your ISP for convention

The provision of Internet services for events is simple, but it is anything but simple to provide a trustworthy Internet for events in high-density environments such as business meetings and conferences. Our commitment to providing your convention with internet service as your temporary ISP: We combine a range of best practices from our many years of experience, a highly qualified network engineering team, robust IT and WIFI access, and a service level guarantee on contract to show yourself to be serious about prove our commitment as your event provider: We offer you and your participants a global conference WIFI internet connectivity.

Why use Tradeshow Internet?

We take over all of your network areas with a single point of contact and detailing of all wired and wireless network services on one invoice. For your event, we provide internet service, including all areas from full network design, installation, and administration to hardware leases and bandwidth rental.

Trade Show Internet, as an isp for convention of many types, offers WIFI for customers like Google, Facebook, GitHub, Nike, MTV, Samsung, Electronic Arts, Disney, Nintendo, Nissan, Toyota, and many others since 2008. Whether you are looking for high-speed Internet bandwidths, wired connectivity, Ethernet drops or a dedicated on-site network engineering team during a conference, special event or business event –all your event internet connectivity needs can be addressed by our Event Wi-Fi Installer.

The key to a successful event is increased visitor participation, rapid and seamless communication with the network. Our designed temporary WIFI rental solutions as an ISP for conventions, typically last for three days but are available for your convenience on monthly packages during busy exhibition seasons. You can rent multiple kits (see the Mega Internet Kit for temporary WLAN service for up to 100 devices and very large boots) if you have a large booth, a session or an office that needs commercial Wireless LAN to more than 15 device connections. Our 4 G Internet Kit is developed as the last portable WIFI solution for every event–large or small.