Testing blood sugar regularly is important in order to keep a check on blood sugar balance. Frequent blood glucose tests reveal how your diabetes is affected by factors such as medicines, diet, exercise, and stress. A blood sugar test tells you how your diabetes is changing and what treatment is required to address the arising problem if any. Traditionally blood sugar is checked by doctors and qualifies nurses or compounder for accurate results. With the advancements in medical technology, it has become rather easier to check your blood sugar by yourself. ReliOn prime is one such equipment that helps you to know your blood glucose level.

What is ReliOn Prime?

It is a blood glucose monitoring system that is used for quantitative measurement of glucose in fresh capillary whole blood samples drawn from the fingertips or palm. Testing is done out of the body(in vitro). The equipment can be used by persons with diabetes at home or in clinical settings by healthcare professionals, as an aid to monitor the effectiveness of diabetes control. It is meant to diagnose or screen diabetes.

How does it work?

Testing blood glucose with this tool is quite easy. To perform a blood test, insert a test strip into the meter. Insert the contact bars into the test strip port with the reaction site facing up. When the test strip is entered, the meter turns on automatically and is ready to receive a drop of blood. Lance the finger using a lancing device. Touch the sample application tip at the end of the test strip to the blood drop on the finger. The meter count down showing a flashing dash. The result is displayed in 7 seconds

A lancet should be used only once. After the use, the lancet should be disposed of in a safe manner so as not to cause any accidental injury. On removing the test strip, the machine closes automatically.

Benefits and precautions

The equipment needs a very good handling in order to give proper results. Any dirt, dust, blood, control solution, or water entering into it may cause damage to the machine. It should be stored within a temperature range of 0-50 degrees centigrade. This equipment is very simple and easy to use. It quickly tells the blood sugar levels without the need to visit any doctor. It is hasslefree and convenient.

Keeping in mind the usefulness and benefits of the tool, we can say that it is the best equipment for blood sugar measurement. Buy ReliOn prime for best blood sugar test results.

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