Exit technologies: who are we and why hire us?


ITAD stands for IT asset disposition; it is a type of business that is built on disposing of old and unwanted IT equipment and assets in a manner that is safe for the environment.

Organizations use the data center to store confidential information and when they decide to decommission them, it is not as simple as unplugging and packing it away. Decommissioning of data center and IT equipment is a complex job; various factors like security standards, confidential data erasing, environment hazards, tracking, and auditing have to be taken into consideration. Recycling or repurposing data centers is a daunting task, best left to the professionals to be handled effectively.

ITAD companies worldwide provide decommissioning of data centers among various other services. Choosing a reputable and professional ITAD company like Exit technologies is essential for safe disposal of IT equipment.

What does Exit Technologies do?

Exit technologies have been in business since 1988 having its headquarters in Florida. The company started its business by manufacturing memory sticks and expanded to buying and selling of various electronic devices and its parts like processor, hard disk, networking equipment, servers, and computers.

The company is a member of R2 certification; it provides 100 percent data sanitation of IT equipment and recycling the same without damaging the environment. Exit technologies provide a wide range of services such as data center decommissioning, Datacenter liquidation, ITAD, and Data recycling, sell the server, storage, networking and IT components.

In addition to being a business that disposes of IT assets, Exit Technologies offers IT asset repairing service. The company repairs several IT components like memory, SSDs, and CPUs.

Why hire Exit Technologies?

IT asset disposition involves two major risk factors that companies taking up this project needs to concentrate on, namely, data security and proper disposal of electronic waste. Hence, to address the risk factors mentioned earlier and to meet all security standards an organization has to ensure an effective strategy is in place.

All IT equipment involved in data center disposition has to be properly stored, transfer, recycled or repurposed. Data destruction has to be ensured by an organization either through erasing or shredding it for complete removal from IT equipment. Additionally, a detail report that can show regulatory compliance with data security and environment requirement has to be prepared for future reference.

The process of decommissioning, liquidating, recycling of IT assets is complicated. Only a few organizations are equipped with the required labor and finance to undertake the project. Hiring professional ITAD companies like Exit technologies will ensure the process is carried out efficiently. ITAD companies help the organization in disposing of, recycling, and repurposing of various IT components. They ensure strict standards of security regarding data destruction, privacy complains through the process.

ITAD companies apart from decommissioning the data center can aid the organization in getting good deals for their recycled electronic items. As ITAD companies are professionals in recycling and repurposing of used electronic devices, they would know where to sell them, who to sell them, and how to sell them for maximum profit.

Tying all together

Hiring professional and reputable ITAD companies makes the task of decommissioning, recycling, and repurposing IT equipment simple. But look for companies like Exit Technologies with independent certification like R2 and e-stewards to understand their security program and capacity to carry out the project. Due diligence is an absolute necessity before hiring any ITAD company.